That Quiet Place

© 1984 Sarah Pirtle


I first heard this lovely song sung by my daughter Christina Muir in 1992.  I learned it on the spot.  The whale is just one of the many species which is threatened with extinction within my lifetime, but many creatures need our concern.  I hope we all do what we can to preserve a quiet place, a home where each one can survive and thrive before it's too late.  Thanks to Sarah Pirtle's song we can sing one of them home.  (AMM)



Sometimes I feel like I am a whale

Guns and harpoons are closing on me

Trying to keep me from my home.



            In that quiet place where nothing can harm you

            In that quiet place we carry inside the heart of the world,

            Heart of the world.


Sometimes I hope that there is an ocean

Hold her big arms open to me

And she whispers "You can rest."


Sometimes I hope that there is a whale

Calling me out to ride on her back

And we go rolling high and low.




That Quiet Place is recorded on the album Language of the Heart