Marco Polo

© 1988 Jim Stewart  CAPAC


From the Marco Polo Suite (also available from Timberhead Music.) (GB)


Where the Marsh Creek waters meet Courtenay Bay

Heave her round and let her fly

At James Smith's yard her keel did lay

There's no ship here can match her


She was launched with a groan and a thud

She's like a demon sailing by

She stuck two weeks in the March creek mud

There's no ship here can catch her



            Liverpool in fifteen days, the seven seas her name will praise

            Wind in her hair and her sails unfurled, she's the fastest ship

                        in all the world

            And her name is Marco Polo


Her keel's all bent, she'll never sail

James Smith's hopes are doomed to fail

She's felt the wrath of jeers and scorn

And through the pain the legend's born


To the Blackball line she soon was sold

Australia bound in search of gold

She was ruled with an iron hand

When Bully Forbes was in command


Sixty-eight days to Melbourne town

The waves will echo her renown

She's beating packets run by steam

From James Smith's wish to St. John's dream


For thirty-two years she ran the tide

On Cavendish shoal she finally died

But dreams are much too hard to kill

For the Marco Polo's living still.



Marco Polo is recorded on the album Language of the Heart and is part of the Jim Stewart album  Marco Polo Suite