Hearth and Fire  

© 1980 Gordon Bok, BMI


"I made this one Thanksgiving, surrounded by good company, a warm house, and plentiful food; and I could not keep from think of friends who, for illness, poverty, distance or death, could not share those things with me." 


Hearth and fire be ours tonight

And all the wind outside;

Fair the wind and kind on you

Wherever you may bide.


            And I'll be the sun upon your head,

            The wind about your face;

            My love upon the path you tread,

            And Upon your wanderings, peace.*


Wine and song be ours tonight,

And all the cold outside;

Peace and warmth be yours tonight

Wherever you may bide.


            And I'll be….


Hearth and fire be ours tonight,

And the wind in the birches bare;

Oh, that the wind we hear tonight

Would find you well and fair.


            And I'll be….




*a dear friend mine loved this song and asked once why I used the word "peace" when the rest of the song seemed to be speaking more of grace.  I sometimes replace the word "peace" with the word "grace" when I finish the song in concert.  I bid you use whichever word seems best, but to think about the difference.



Hearth and Fire is recorded on the Bok, Muir, and Trickett album Water Over Stone and is also in the songbook One to Sing, One to Haul