Driveway Reel & Thanxty Al Stanley

© Tom Judge/Gordon Bok


Tom Judge was trying to get out of my long, greasy driveway one mud season in and old Gray Ghost of a pickup truck.  He made it, but as he gained the tarred road this tune delivered itself on him complete and unannounced.  At the time he called it "Drive Away the Driveway Reality Reel." The second tune is one I made in thanks to another old musical friend, Alan Stanley of Prince Edward Island for taking the time to teach me "Carolan's Concerto."  (I recorded the second one as a jig with Cindy Kallet on Neighbors a few years ago, if you're thinking you've heard it before…)


Gordon – 12-string guitar



These tunes are recorded on the album Dear To Our Island;  Thanxty Al Stanley is also recorded on the album Neighbors with the tune King Jim