Clear Away in the Morning

© 1970 Gordon Bok, BMI


From the days I worked on the big schooners that sail out of my home town.  By the end of the summer you've have had enough of the hours and the sound of other people's voices and you'd just want to go off by yourself for a few months.  But there would come a fine, cold day, blowing Northwest, and the schooner would be stomping across the bays for home, and everything would turn around on you.  You didn't want to quit; you wanted to swing her off to the Westward and keep her going all winter.  But no, you had to take her home, and lay her up and leave her. 


Take me back on the bay, boys

            Clear away n the morning

I don't want to go ashore, boys

            Oh, bring her 'round


Take me back on the bay, boys

I don't want to spend my pay, boys


Captain don't you leave me

There's no one here that needs me


Nancy, oh my Nancy,

She never played it fancy


Bring me wine and brandy

I'd only ask for Nancy


Captain, don't let the main down

Captain, don't let the chain run


Captain, don't you need me?

"There's nothing I can do, boy"


Nancy, oh my Nancy

Nancy, oh my Nancy



Clear Away in the Morning is recorded on the albums Clear Away in the Morning, North Winds Clearing, and Peter Kagan and the Wind, and is also in the songbook Time and the Flying Snow.