Against the Moon

© 1997 Steven Sellors, Grand Bay NB, Canada


From a Master of the Irreverent comes another heartwarmer and a great song to sing in life's many changes, to remind us why we hung on so long in the first place.  This one, he told me, had little bits and pieces of his friends in it.  For another lovely version, Anne Dodson (Esteemed Producer) has also recorded this song on Against the Moon on Beech Hill Music.


Gordon – 12-string guitar


I hear the thunder, its tender noise

I'm standing under the moving skies


            I will not be bothered by this world when it's gone

            I will not be bothered by this world when it's gone


The rain is falling on fields of stone

A hunger's calling to beasts of bone


The birds are waking in time to flee

The winter taking their greening tree


The sea is rushing away too soon

The tide is pushing against the moon


The day is turning and looking back

At sunset burning the sky to black


This season's dimming is nature's will

The world is brimming with beauty still


I love the thunder



Against the Moon is recorded on the album Dear To Our Island