Judge Proctor's Windmill

©1976 Tom Pacheco, Chappell & Co., Harry Fox Agency

        There has been a movie about this story starring Jack Elam as the town drunk; these days, I do it with a different twist at the end - let's just say it's Charlie on the MTA meeting ET....! (BZ)

It was on a quiet star-filled night
Not a single cloud in sight
And ol' Judge Proctor was fast asleep in dreams
Then a screaming, howling cry
A thing fell from the sky
With a noise that made the cows and horses scream
Well the judge looked out his window
His windmill was on fire
He lit a lantern, then he rushed outside
He saw scattered all around
Red hot metal on the ground
And the body of a thing that had just died.

    A flying saucer crashed into Judge Proctor's windmill
    In eighteen ninety-seven so they say
    It was in Aurora, Texas, and in the flaming wreckage
    They found the tiney spaceman that they buried the next day

Well the neighbors came and gathered 'round
To see the body on the ground
And the preacher blessed this unwashed heathen friend
And the oldest man in town
Said it was Satan's son they found
The town drunk never touched a drink again
And the ole maid Martha Chase
Swore she rerocignized his face
It was a 'peeping Tom' she'd see for fifty years
And as they lowered him six feet down
No one spoke or made a sound
The undertakers hand's were wet with fear

Well the widow Hanna Post
Said it was the Holy Ghost
And for the remainder of her life its praise she'd sing
Soon the metal disappeared
Most of it for souvenirs
And the rest just got plowed under in the spring
Now the years have passed and gone
With many generations born
It was just an ol' wives tale some people say
But somewhere in that Texas ground
There's a body lying down
That was born somewhere beyond the Milky Way.

Judge Proctor's Windmill is recorded the CD Gordon Bok and Bob Zentz - Together Again for the First Time